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  • Safety doesn’t take a holidayMay 6, 2024 - 12:40 am

    Resilience, Risk, Business Killers, Safety, Small to Medium Business | May 2, 2024 Jayston Small, CEO Riskfacta Every day, countless hard workers across various industries put their lives at risk to keep our community running smoothly. Keeping people safe, preventing worker injuries and fatalities is not just a legal requirement it also a moral obligation. […]


We hold regular events – online and face to face – for our risk community to build risk knowledge, practice and lessons learnt and/or how government and statutory authorities can help in times of a crisis.

  • We regularly share ideas and case studies to help you to be risk ready. Follow us on LinkedIn.

  • Communication is two-way, so if you want us to share thoughts on a topic, let us know.

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Defuse your business killers

Riskfacta helps small to medium companies plan for, prepare for, respond to and recover from business killers. Cyber attacks, social activism, natural disasters, cashflow issues, workplace fatalities, security breaches, reputation damage, increased regulation, loss of key personnel, WorkSafe intervention, environmental incidents, supply chain disruptions, business partner disputes…..

Be ready. The least prepared businesses are those that believe it will not happen to them.

For more information about this event, and to register your interest for the next session, contact or

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Safety doesn’t take a holiday

Resilience, Risk, Business Killers, Safety, Small to Medium Business…

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