False information spreads faster than truth

Six times faster actually. And, more than half of the community source their news from social media. How can small and medium businesses deal with rumours, hoaxes, fake news, misinterpretations – all of which can be company damaging events.

Misinformation (incorrect information shared by those with no malintent) and disinformation (the deliberate sharing of incorrect information with an intent to deceive) is likely to be one of the most significant risks you are facing. And a relatively a new one compared to cashflow, workplace injury or illness, business interruption, regulator intervention etc.

Small and medium businesses rely on trust and integrity with customers, suppliers, and their workforce to survive and thrive. Have you thought about how you would handle a situation involving misinformation or deliberate disinformation by a disgruntled former worker for example?

Do you know where your vulnerabilities lay? How to communicate with speed to key stakeholders to convey facts, and your perspective on events? If you are leading a business that wants to be ready for significant unplanned events like these, let’s chat about how Riskfacta may be able to help you.


Image source: source: Domo Data Never Sleeps 11.0