Geelong community local support

In early December 2023, organisational leaders from the Geelong community will meet government operational and emergency response experts at the Geelong Incident Control Centre to find out what local support is available to organisations when they suffer from an unplanned event such as:

– workplace fatality
– cyber security event
– targeted social activism
– regulatory notices
– supply chain disruption and

many more unplanned events which can cause significant impacts.

Geelong business leaders will hear from a panel of leading emergency responders and managers who have been at the front line of communities in their time of need.

This event is the fourth of a series of successful similar events, which have been powerful forums for businesses to raise questions and clarify who does what – before, during and after an unplanned event – directly with responders. We hear new ideas, material, questions and experiences at each event, and attendees benefit from all-important networking.

Riskfacta® is proud to support this event, and to work with businesses to develop and implement measures to build their emergency readiness, response, and recovery capability.

If you would like to attend this event, please contact