Riskfacta ensures owners and CEOs of small to medium businesses are not alone, in times of need, that they’re resilient.


Riskfacta ensures owners and CEOs of small to medium businesses are not alone, in times of need, that they’re resilient.

Our mission is to provide a depth of experience, proven know-how and a growing online marketplace of partners to ensure Riskfacta members know and are managing their risks, so that they are resilient. Businesses that that have planned and prepared for unplanned events, are businesses which are ready to respond, and ready to recover for the lowest possible impact to the business. Similarly, those with a risk management mindset, also have a significant advantage over the competition when new opportunities present themselves for strategic growth and diversification.

Market research launch ahead of schedule

Two weeks ahead of schedule, Riskfacta CEO Jayston Small and Leadership Panellist, Tony Murphy, launched Riskfacta into the market with a series of new member meetings in Geelong that are providing proof of early interest.

To maximise traction of Riskfacta, this market research launch is our crawl, walk, run approach to understanding customer needs and testing business assumptions before the significant investment of a full-product launch.

The benefits of this approach are already being seen as we pivot efficiently, scale purposefully, on our terms, while reducing waste during the product learning phase.

Riskfacta appoints Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Wayne George has joined Riskfacta’s leadership team as Chief Technology Officer. His appointment recognises the importance technology plays in helping small businesses more efficiently utilise their finite resources, especially in effective risk management, resilience building, crisis response, and recovery.

Wayne has built and led product and technology teams for over 15 years. Between 2005 and 2012, he served as Chief Technology Officer of, one of Australia’s most successful internet start-ups. Since then, he has built several internet companies that have gone on to achieve market leadership in several categories.

Having strong technology leadership to help deliver Riskfacta to market was key feedback from investors, Wayne joining will enable us to build a team of specialists to design and deliver an easy-to-use, one-stop platform for small to medium businesses to manage risks and controls and increase their resilience.

Wayne George

Helping Geelong Be Ready for community crisis response and recovery

Riskfacta recently facilitated an important crisis response and recovery event at the Geelong Incident Control Centre (ICC) to encourage early collaboration between emergency services, local government authorities and businesses which we believe is key to preventing, minimising and successfully recovering from major community crises. This event was the fourth in our series of interactive forums that share previous learnings and best practices and lead to better relationships and outcomes for all stakeholders.